How to Communicate Effectively with your Clients Emails

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How to Communicate Effectively with your Clients Emails

In a business, your customers are the ones keeping you running. With no customer, there will be no business. Imagine starting a sales business with no sales whatsoever for about a year. I am sure, you will not even remain in this kind of business for six months before switching strategy. However, what means are you using as a business owner to secure both new and existing customers?

Many customers stop patronizing some brands because of one reason or the other. Client’s satisfaction is a very important aspect of a business that should not be taken with levity. Maybe you have been losing customers a lot lately, check it! How you support your customers may be reason. Probably, you have not been attending to their needs as much as they wanted.

Some businesses have automated messages which they send automatically when a customer files a complaint without actually taking into consideration what the clients actually needs. Just some random robotic message. This may be the reason why you are losing customers because you are not really considering them as well as available to attend to their complaints.

In this article you will see the awesome ideas that would make communication with your customers easy and less stressful. There are always difficult and intense situations or scenarios, you may likely face once in a while with customers. What should be clear to you is that in customer service, the way you reply and try to solve your customer’s issue matters a ton. We cannot say there is a correct and perfect way to deal with these kind of situations.

The incredible thing about this is that rather than simply clarifying a technique theoretically, a good email script encourages you see the idea in real life.

Let’s dive in.

How to handle an Angry Customers

We have some customers who are never patient enough. This would definitely occur once in a while. I term this kind of customers “Angry Birds”. Their anger may have erupted due to a number of reasons. They may even be furious about outer elements and not really your business. Keep quiet and think judiciously. Try to read the customer’s email slowly over and over to ensure you understand the complaint properly. Some customers may be so angry that they rain abuses on your company. Best thing to do is ignore their irrational reaction and focus on the complaint alone. However, there are some issues that cannot be solved, the best move is to wave the white banner and push ahead. Here is another guide that I found useful when figuring out the best way to handle angry clients.

How to Handle A Baby Customer

There are some customers that I refer to as “baby customers”. Let us take, for example, you have a sales business like an online store where clients come to buy stuff on your website. There are some kind of customers that don’t know how to go about the sales. You would have to put them through. These baby customers are very hard to teach, stubborn and frustrating. The first to thing to do when these happen to you is keep your cool and remember that it’s a new customer, focus your efforts on how to get the customer acquainted with the website. Remember more customers equal more profit. Failure to treat your baby customers well can result in losing the customer to another store.

Broken or worn-out

Some goods can get broken because it is fragile such as ceramic flower vase, mirrors and so on. Most times, people trying to purchase your products are from overseas so you have to send it to them through the shipping system. This means of delivery has many flaws, it could be the reason why a customer of yours got a broken item. Nonetheless, the shipping system is a very effective and cost-effective means of getting goods to your customers. You have to just find a way to settle their complaints anytime this happens. Here at supportrig, you can get mind-blowing and fantastic email ideas that can help you in the service to your customers.

Handling these three problems properly as well as every other ones would make your clients have a lot confidence in you. That you are capable of attending to all their needs. However, there  other ways which you can use to enhance or foster a good relationship with your clients. We have

  • Thank You Email for any customer that just patronized your services or bought your products.
  • Follow Up Email for any customer who checked your website or was about to patronize you but changed his mind.
  • Discount Email for customers who have not patronized you in a while. You can use a discount email to attract them to patronize you.

Supportrig is at your service with anything you need as regard customer support. We can help you with the best customer support email scripts that would improve your business’ customer service.

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