How Call Support Can Help Increase Your Shopify Store’s Revenue

Live Call Agents For Your Shopify Store

How Call Support Can Help Increase Your Shopify Store’s Revenue

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You have a Shopify business that’s flourishing. Customers are happy and the company is making money. Suddenly, you hit a snag. Your customers are having trouble using Shopify, but that’s not the worst of it. You have no Shopify Call Center and your internal support team is stretched as far as it can go. So you hire more internal help, develop your own call center that’s run during business hours, and things are handled…until you grow again. This time, your call centers are overloaded and the customers are waiting an unusually long time to reach support staff. Few things drive away customers from a good business more than having to wait for support. You lose sales, people are unhappy, and they go elsewhere for your product or service.

Why Use Call Support

This scenario is not uncommon and, in fact, happens all too often. If your customers can’t buy your product, then your business loses money. Having access to good Shopify Call Support is one key to building a successful business. But your company knows nothing about running a call center and you need to focus on what’s important – your product or service. Just like any other commodity, you need to bring in an expert. That’s when you turn to companies like Support Rig to handle your incoming calls and Shopify support needs. This frees up crucial staff to do other things, like their jobs.

How Support Rig Can Help with Live Call Support

Support Rig is a Canadian based company that is client centric, delivering exceptional call support to each and every customer. They build a team around your business, giving you one on-one contact with team members so you retain control of what information is passed on to your customers. Whether the questions involve shipping issues, types of payment or payment processing, or simply finding the right gift for a loved one, Support Rig offers top care and customer service to every caller. They guarantee that your customers won’t be left out in the cold.

Happy customers are return customers and happy customer tell their friends about good customer service. This alone can increase sales exponentially. Communication is key and Support Rig has solid systems in place that are based on top communication skills. They supply their clients with monthly analytics that give insight to customer behavior and what those customers expect from your company. Through conversation and end of call feedback and criticism prompts, Support Rig’s expert team of call representatives gain important information about the customer’s needs. This information, along with other statistics, are passed along to the business allowing it to develop weak areas, strengthen customer bonds, and boosting business growth.

The Process Support Rig Uses

The process is simple. Support Rig uses the same communication base with its clients as it does with your customers. They keep the company in the loop at all times. For instance, signing up with Support Rig isn’t simply about filling out paperwork and being let out to pasture. The on-boarding process is a massive data collection effort that includes FAQs and critical pieces of information that will help Support Rig do their very best in pleasing your customers when they call for help. After all, that’s what this is about.

Once the information has been gathered, a call support team is hand selected for the business in accordance with its specific needs. The relationship becomes personal and a single Support Representative is allocated to your company. This allows for one-on-one training and an assurance that your customers will be handled to your company’s expectations. Once your company is completely satisfied with the Representative, the team and how each issue will be handled, it’s time for Call Support to go live. This transition is seamless. Support Rig hooks into your existing telephone lines so that there are no number changes or messy call bungles. After all this effort to please the clients, it would be a shame for them not to be able to reach you! Your representatives are fully prepared and the calls start coming in. Your company is handled with kid gloves and the customers are happy again.

Follow up consists of monthly team calls and a pass down of the collected analytics. A live performance dashboard helps keep your company informed in between meetings, and your Representative is available to answer any questions or concerns. Happy customers, happy company, happy business!

Support Rig knows that no two companies are alike, which means that no two company’s needs are alike. With yearly or monthly subscriptions, you can choose a plan that’s tailored to your company’s size, where you are in growth and development, and what your target goals are for the future. The basic plan offers unlimited calls, unlimited leads, unlimited FAQ support, live indepth analytics, customer behavior analysis, monthly calls with your personalized sales representative, multiple call support, and most of all, the guarantee of quality, concern and the best in call support for your company and customers. Happy customers mean business growth.

It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when your focused on growing your business. The last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your customers can complete their Shopify transactions or have the help they need when they run into a problem. With Support Rig fielding your Shopify support calls, you can rest assured that your customers are in the best of hands. Your Customer Support Representative knows your business, is in line with your wants and needs, and cares for your customers as much as you do.

Your customers are our customers. We love them too.


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