Live Call Agents For Your Shopify Store

10 Amazing Tips About Women Consumers Every Business Should Know

Women consumers are one of the world’s most powerful consumers. Businesses target groups and demography as a strategy to capture a share of the market. A flourishing market to keep an eye on is the market for women. The impact of women on the economy is substantial. They are one of the largest spending demography…
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How to Communicate Effectively with your Clients Emails

In a business, your customers are the ones keeping you running. With no customer, there will be no business. Imagine starting a sales business with no sales whatsoever for about a year. I am sure, you will not even remain in this kind of business for six months before switching strategy. However, what means are…
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Benefits of call centers

Benefits of Using Call Centers

Call centers function as intermediaries between customers and businesses. In processing inbound as well outbound calls, they serve a wide array of functions, up to and beyond: account management, scheduling, technical support services, resolving grievances, answering questions regarding products and services, as well as as assisting customers with their possible purchases. But they are more…
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ecommerce call support

How Call Support Can Help Increase Your Shopify Store’s Revenue

You have a Shopify business that’s flourishing. Customers are happy and the company is making money. Suddenly, you hit a snag. Your customers are having trouble using Shopify, but that’s not the worst of it. You have no Shopify Call Center and your internal support team is stretched as far as it can go. So…
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